Snow Removal

No need to get out of bed early!

Unless you’re naturally an early riser, mornings are miserable when you have to get up even earlier to clear your driveway of snow in order to get your car out. 

Luckily, Absolute Lawn Care is here to help. We can take care of snow removal for both residential and commercial customers. We’ll make sure your driveway is clear or, if you're a business owner, we’ll make sure your business’s parking lot and sidewalk are clear so your customers can make it easily and safely to your door.

Call us to get started!

Though Amarillo only receives an average of 18 inches of snow seasonally, blizzards are still possible due to the aridity and elevation of the Texas Panhandle. Don’t take any chances! Instead of checking the forecast and worrying about what time in the morning you'll need to set your alarm, make the phone call to Absolute Lawn Care and let us take care of it! When a big snowfall occurs, you can wake up knowing that your driveway is already cleared.
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